Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It was all started in 1947.Right from the birth of our nation we are calling it as an "Emerging Superpower" or "Developing Country”. And now after 60 years of independence we are still having the same tag attached with our name and nobody seems to care about this. Most of us are living just for the sake of it. Nobody cares in which way our country is heading. They just complain about the facilities which are not given to them but they never dare to initiate a thing which will make a difference, while abusing traffic they forget that they are not really stuck in traffic jam but they are the one causing it. They just refuse to live as a mass n keep on living alone or in a same circle, blaming government n system but never dare to change the system. This mentality should be changed. There should be someone who will initiate the change. Let’s start this with ourselves. Let’s pledge to make our nation a real “Superpower”. Let’s roll-up our sleeves and do something constructive for our country. Let’s not follow the world but make them follow us. Let’s be the defender of our nation. Let’s be a rebel for a cause and change our destiny. Do you burn with the desire to make the difference to future of our country???


tejas said...

I agree with you.People(specially Indians)are always blaming to the system.But are not ready to change the system.They thinks that someone will do it for us,why should we waste our time.They think that it is a wastage of time,we are not going to gain from it,it is a loss of time and money.
Most of the people are running behind the money.Only money is there need.They don't have social thinking.They just know how to give advice to others, but are not appling that advice to themselves.

puzzled said...

Although, I appreciate the desire you have shown to change the attitude of the people of our nation but there is something I want to tell you.
If you think you can change the system you are WRONG.

I have certain points:

(1) Judiciary of our nation is corrupt.Even if you are able to gain a decent followers, no court is going to show you any support because they are PAID not to.

(2) THe police is going to beat you to death.

(3) Politicians will see that you don't stand there for long.

You are not going to get any support from the youth.
Do you think these drug addicts, philanderers who are mocking the law every now and then are going to sit with you for a cause?
The Truth is NO.

I had the same desire to change the NATION's attitude, but I gave up because this is a nation of corrupt people.
I wonder how did MR. KALAM envision INDIA to be a superpower by 2020.
Instead, I believe INDIA is not going to be on the world map by then.

Anonymous said...